• > For Companies   

    We place any kind of insurance for Companies, from All Risks to the D&O (Directors and Officers) policies, always paying great attention to the quality of service offered to our clients, who are personally assisted by brokers. We prepare and supply tailor-made insurance programs, supported by the dedicated technical operating units of our Company.

    After a careful risk analysis, we prepare a fully comprehensive insurance program which focuses on those which can be mitigated by an appropriate risk management (self-insurance) and those which can be transferred to the insurance market.
    Furthermore, we guarantee an accurate contract management and a particular assistance in case of claims.

    This modus operandi has allowed us to excel in the Corporate sector, maintaining and increasing our client portfolio over the years, with long lasting relationships.

    Thanks to WBN we can prepare and handle international programs. We also play a proactive role with regard to Employee Benefits, suggesting adequate solutions helping to find possible tax savings as envisaged by the currently applicable regulatory provisions. We have studied group plans which allow even small and medium enterprises to take advantage of products mainly intended for companies with a high number of employees.

  • > For the Public Administration   

    We operate with the Public Administration, assisting Public Entities in managing their insurance needs as Consultants or as Brokers. We cooperate in detecting potential risks and identifying the risks to be transferred to the Insurance Market, optimizing cost effectiveness. We check the existing contracts and evaluate, on the basis of the real risk situations, where changes are needed or, alternatively, we draft adequate specifications for the relevant public tender for the selection of the Insurance Company. Acting as a consultant of the Public Entity, we provide our technical assistance that includes the day by day management of contracts and of possible claims. We also provide specific training programs for Public Employees in the insurance area. Our activity is carried out in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations related to Public Administration management.

    Particular attention is paid to insure the Liability of Directors, Officers and Public Employees, including the relevant legal protection assistance.

  • > For Professionals   

    Nowadays, the insurance needs of individual Professionals and Firms require highly specialized technical skills, where the ability to identify the most appropriate solution allows clients to be fully protected even in the most risky or complex situations.
    Subject to few exceptions, the Professional Liability Insurance Policy is now compulsory for all professional areas (both regulated and not regulated), for errors and omissions related to the specific personal activity and to the activity of collaborators. The considerable experience accrued with Law and Accounting/Tax Consultants Firms ranks at the top of the Italian market insurance consultancy for the specific business area.

    In order to guarantee a service always in line with Clients’ expectations, we have obtained in their favor exclusive agreements with the leading international Insurance Companies, with the aim to fully protect them for any needs even abroad. Our proposals for Professional Indemnity insurance policies ensure in this way timely responses to the most specific needs, reaching high customization standards.

  • > For commercial risks   

    Trade and craft activities receive our special attention, regardless of their size. We are looking for innovative, useful and best price solutions in the market with the aim to offer viable insurance solutions protecting both civil liability and any wrongful action of employees also regarding sold goods. The policies dedicated to this sector are also designed to the best protection of the premises and equipment, thus covering the insureds from the possible economic consequences that would have a negative impact on the business as a result of unexpected events.

  • > Personal line   

    We have a unit exclusively dedicated to private Clients (Personal Line) with such an experience that can guarantee a highly qualified service. From the most common motor liability insurance, personal accident insurance, household insurance to particular cases such as the legal protection or health insurance, we offer the most appropriate solutions to meet the insurance requirements in the sphere of private life, property and family. We have studied and agreed with the market, on behalf of our Clients, profitable schemes and policies granting a wide cover and competitive costs.

    De Besi - Di Giacomo has always been very keen to the opportunities offered by global markets and is also involved in the reinsurance brokerage activity. For certain types of risk this allows De Besi - Di Giacomo to offer to its clients opportunities, terms and capacities that the domestic market alone could not offer.


  • > Reassurance consultancy   

    We also operate in the reinsurance brokerage market. For certain types of risks, this enables us to offer to our clients opportunities, terms and conditions and capacities that the traditional market alone could not offer. The reinsurance market operates at international level and Reinsurers operate from their headquarters offering capacity to insurance Companies located throughout the world. Our service as reinsurance brokers is also addressed to insurance Companies to satisfy any kind of their reinsurance needs.

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