De Besi - Di Giacomo S.p.A. is a Company  operating in the field of Insurance Consulting, Brokerage and Claims Management.

The Company was established in the late 50’s by the two founding Partners, Antonio De Besi and Doriano Di Giacomo, who, based on their common experience at Assicurazioni Generali, decided to become partners and to set up an Insurance Agency which later on became a multimandatory agency.

The partnership of the two families De Besi and Di Giacomo officially started in 1959. The business has grown and expanded over the following 50 years.  And now it continues with the second generation. The professional experience and expertise acquired by the company over the years makes it the ideal partner for its Clients.

The registration of our Company in the newly established Official Insurance Brokers Register in 1986 formalized the brokerage activity, in accordance with the new law.  The Company operates efficiently through its offices in Rome and Milan on the Italian and international insurance markets, also considering its long-standing collaboration with Lloyd’s of London as “Correspondent Broker” in Italy for over 25 years. The continuous market development has led the Company to look for strategic alliances with other partners; for this reason we decided to join the European Insurance Broker Consortium (EIB Consortium), an association of highly qualified brokerage Companies, capable to promptly respond to all market innovations.

We also operate as Reinsurance Broker thanks to our knowledge of the domestic insurance market as well as of the reinsurance market worldwide.   In 2011 we became a Member of WBN (Worldwide Broker Network), the most important global network of independent insurance brokerage Companies and this allows us to assist our Clients in over 100 countries around the World.

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The partnership between the families De Besi and Di Giacomo has its roots in the past, when Antonio de Besi and Doriano Di Giacomo met back in the fifties. Doriano had recently left the top management of Assicurazioni Generali Main Agency in Rome to spearhead another historical Roman insurance intermediary, Ricci & Buttarelli, but Antonio convinced him that the new adventure together as Agents of Assicurazioni Generali was the right direction to follow: this was in 1959.

In a short time the company became a Multimandatory Agency and intensified its first international contacts with the prestigious Prudential Assurance Company. The great leap forward occurred In the eighties when the family company turned into a S.p.A. company and joined the newly established Brokers Register. It was among the first Italian Correspondents of Lloyd's of London and is proud of being the oldest Lloyd’s correspondent on the market. Meanwhile the second generation began to join the Company with successful results and when Antonio passed away in 1998, Doriano continued to run the company until 2006, when De Besi - Di Giacomo SpA passed into the expert hands of Alessandro, Andrea , Antonella, Giovanni and Paola.

Antonio de Besi and Doriano Di Giacomo have built a partnership that their children continued and strengthened. The founding principles, both professional and ethical, inherited from them allow today to run the Company in harmony and agreement, conveying the passion to all employees who have spent many years in the company and building long-term relationships with clients and the insurance market.

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