We have decided to set up a ad hoc internal unit dedicated to assist our Clients in claim management, in damage assessment and in dealing with the Insurance Companies.

In case of claim, we assist our client for all the necessary activities, having direct contact with the Insurance Company and following, on behalf of the client, the assessment and the payment of the claim.

This is a value added service that demonstrates our willingness to be a careful, efficient and proactive counterparty, protecting the client’s interest, in dealing with the Insurance Companies.
The services we provide in this area include, among others:

  • evaluation of the event;
  • assistance in drafting the electronic claim declaration (on-line Clients);
  • monitoring the procedure;
  • study of the policy terms and conditions in relation to the loss suffered;
  • preparation of the documentation required;
  • appointment of a technical expert if necessary;
  • direct interaction with the Insurance Companies’ loss adjusters;
  • handling of the claim and the relevant assessment;
  • checking the term for the statute of limitations.

Contacts: sinistri@dbdg.it

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