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De Besi-Di Giacomo S.p.A. is an Insurance Broker firm with over 60 years of experience in both the Italian and international markets. Not only are we the oldest Italian Lloyd’s coverholder but also partners in some of the major networks, including WBN, Asinta, Sequoia, TechAssure and Buck. We assist the Italian firms in more than 100 countries.

Thanks to the collaboration with the best information systems and professionalism of the brokers working in our offices in Rome, Milan, Ancona and Terni, we do succeed in providing our clients with the best support ever.

Our professionalism in different fields allows us to identify the customers needs and meet them. Our clients include companies, professionals and individuals.

We offer insurance solutions that protect our clients' interests at all times and guarantee competitiveness, service excellence, clarity and transparency.

We want to be the reference partner for national and international insurance and reinsurance consultancy for our clients.

We are committed to providing a tailor-made service, proposing insurance solutions that are also innovative, to avoid that uncertainties influence the evolution and realization of our customers' good ideas. Our priority is to give those who rely on us the peace of mind of being able to manage their business.


We guarantee the security of a winning choice



We are competent and dynamic

60 years of activity allowed us to have a perfect knowledge of the sector, to understand every dynamic and opportunity. Over the years we have grown steadily, gaining more and more space and recognition both in Italy and abroad. Alessandro De Besi, outgoing President of the WFII (World Federation of Insurance Intermediaries) and Andrea Di Giacomo president of the iLlca (Italian Lloyd's Correspondent Association) care about the internal sharing of the know-how to ensure all our customers the same standard of excellence of the service. Strengthened by our experience and tradition, we know how to understand our customers' needs and guarantee customized solutions based on the assessment of the risks associated with each activity and sector.

We are reliable and loyal

Our philosophy and company mission, which has always inspired our work, is constantly aimed at representing for our customers an absolutely reliable interlocutor that makes them feel safe and aware and at establishing a relationship of great loyalty and fairness with the insurance companies we work with.


We are passionate and committed

The passion for this work bequeathed by Antonio de Besi and Doriano Di Giacomo is intact. A passion for their work and for the integrity shared by all our employees and collaborators, handed down from generation to generation. Our goal is not only to achieve the satisfaction of our customers, we aim to arouse their gratitude with a service that exceeds their expectations.

We are determined and flexible

Protecting customers' interests is our priority. We work hard to meet our goal: get the most competitive policies with the best conditions. To achieve the objectives agreed with our customers and to respect every our promise, we propose customized solutions developed on the basis of the risks measured with the personal assistance of brokers and managers. We guarantee punctual and precise support in handling claims.


THE FOUNDERS De Besi - Di Giacomo was born from the collaboration of the two founding partners, Antonio De Besi and Doriano Di Giacomo who, at the end of the 1950s, after a common experience within the Assicurazioni Generali, decided to open a company agency that later multi-firm agency.

The Association of the De Besi and Di Giacomo families began effectively in 1959. The professional activity grew and strengthened over the next 60 years and continued with their third generation to the present day, representing the safety of a winning choice for its customers.

In 1986, with the establishment of the Register of Insurance Brokers, the Company adheres to it, thus formalizing the activity of Broker. In the eighties the definitive qualitative leap took place with the strengthening of the family business which was transformed into S.p.A. and enrolled in the newborn Broker Register, as well as being among the first in Italy to obtain the Lloyd's London Correspondent license and actually the most long-lived. Meanwhile, the second generation of children began to join the company successfully and when Antonio disappeared in 1998, Doriano continued to hold the reins of the command, until 2006.

Antonio de Besi and Doriano Di Giacomo have built a partnership that, continuing through their children and grandchildren, has shown great solidity. The founding, professional and moral principles that have left a legacy, allow us to conduct the company in harmony and agreement, transmitting the passion to all the collaborators who have been with the Company for many years and building long-lasting relationships with customers and the insurance market.

Today, at the head of the company there is the second generation, with the sons of the founders, Alessandro De Besi and Andrea Di Giacomo, supported by three brothers, by the third generation and by trusted collaborators.

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