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De Besi - Di Giacomo aims at carrying out all activities in a transparent and responsible manner. Our teams are trained on the basis of the Code of Ethics (Model 231) which plays a primary role in the company and this allows us to maintain a solid and fair working environment.

Our sustainability policy allows us to carry out every activity in respect of the environment that surrounds us, in an attempt to protect the generations to come.

We try to attract, motivate and stimulate the greatest talents, with the aim of bringing out the best skills of each individual, for a continuous and constant business growth, within a solid tradition of the family company.

De Besi - Di Giacomo also contributes to the Wamba and Athena ONLUS project, an organization that operates in the social and health care sector, providing funds and professional skills, so that the projects supported can reach economic and managerial self-sufficiency. Discover more on

In addition, we support the Hafalian Association - La Gioia, which since 2010 supports the missionary work of Father Stefano Scaringella, doctor and priest of the Order of Capuchin friars, who since 1983 has lived and worked on a mission in Madagascar (

Our Customers are aware that sustainability, health and high quality are the values at the core of our activities. That’s why we have decided to make our contribution to the cleaning and decontamination of the Italian waters by supporting, as the main sponsor, the initiative named “Mari circolari” (Circular Seas) ( We couldn’t just stand by so we have chosen to take action for the environmental health, to free our seas from the plastic and safeguard fish fauna.

During the WBN Regional Conference 2022, we collaborated in the cleaning of a small park near the Sant’Orsola Hospital in Bologna as part of a concrete help to the Young Diabetics Association (AGD)

June 2022: the DBDG collects the Italian Excellence in Business Award dedicated to companies of excellence in social commitment

Premio Eccellenze Italiane

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