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  • Posted on: 28-10-2022
    De Besi Di Giacomo is sponsor of the 40th anniversary of Tor Vergata University, for a sustainable future

    DBDG participates in the Future Sight event organized by the University of Rome Tor Vergata for the 40th anniversary of the founding of the University of Rome Tor Vergata: five days of meetings for a more sustainable future, between different industrial sectors and professional skills, with the students of the University.
    The "ADNKRONOS" article
    The "LaStampa" article.

    DBDG Sponsor Tecnico della Mostra “Eoliè 22”

  • Posted on: 22-10-2022
    WBN Conference in Abu Dhabi

    De Besi Di Giacomo International Team has participated to new WBN Conference Abu Dhabi. Four days of discussions and working sessions focusing on Strategies and Innovation technologies, with colleagues from all around the Globe, gave us the opportunities to work in synergy and grow up together for a brighter future.

    DBDG Sponsor Tecnico della Mostra “Eoliè 22”

  • Posted on: 07-10-2022
    XLIV National Congress ANDAF

    DBDG participated in the XLIV National Congress ANDAF (National Association of Administrative and Financial Directors) for the promotion of training and development of skills, and good practices at the service of the community./p>

    DBDG Sponsor Tecnico della Mostra “Eoliè 22”

  • Posted on: 03-10-2022
    Sequoia Global Network Conference 2022

    The Sequoia Global Network Conference 2022 of which DBDG is an Italian member took place in New York: an update and discussion meeting on new strategies and technologies, to best support our customers in the management of corporate human capital.

    DBDG Sponsor Tecnico della Mostra “Eoliè 22”

  • Posted on: 19-07-2022
    DBDG Technical Sponsor of the "Eoliè 22" Exhibition

    DBDG is the proud technical sponsor of the Eoliè 22 event "Human excellence - Art, literature and society", a beautiful festival-exhibition in Lipari (Sicily) from 17 July to 16 August. Here is the dedicated ANSA article

    DBDG Sponsor Tecnico della Mostra “Eoliè 22”

  • Posted on: 24-06-2022
    Italian Excellence in Business Award 2022

    DBDG received the Italian Excellence in Business Award dedicated to companies of excellence in social commitment

    Premio Eccellenze Italiane

  • Posted on: 14-06-2022
    WBN European conference – Bologna 2022

    After the Global Conference in 2013, WBN returned to Italy with the European Regional meeting cohosted by DBDG. 160 representatives and many partners and client firms attended the event. Different topics were discussed: from energy and environmental risks to the latest updates as regards both the property and casualty field and the employee benefits one to the cyber world and mergers and acquisitions insurance (M&A).

    Lastly, further topics included the future of the industry and the role of the broker, a proposal of innovative solutions, such as Data Analysis up to an exclusive speech given by Emanuele Pirro, a motor legend who started from his experience to highlight the importance of teamwork.

    WBN European conference – Bologna 2022

  • Posted on: 12-06-2022
    With the WBN for the Associazione Giovane Diabetici (AGD - Young Diabetics Association)

    During the WBN Regional Conference 2022, we collaborated in the cleaning of a small park near the Sant’Orsola Hospital in Bologna as part of a concrete help to the Young Diabetics Association (AGD)

    WBN giovani diabetici

  • Posted on: 30-05-2022
    Corporate event 2022

    After a long time, it was finally possible to spend a day together to celebrate the Company's achievements. The whole DBDG shares experience, enthusiasm and participation, like every day at work, as professionals and as a team.

    Convention aziendale 2022

  • Posted on: 25-05-2022
    2022 Asinta partners meeting

    DBDG attended the Asinta annual partner meeting held in Lisbon and had the chance of discussing, together with the existing members and the new ones, client needs and consulting services with regard to the world of the employee benefits.

    2022 Asinta partners meeting

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