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  • Posted on: 30-07-2009
    50 years with De Besi - Di Giacomo SpA

    Our Company celebrated its  50th  Anniversary, at the Golf Club of Rome Acquasanta.

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  • Posted on: 04-07-2009
    28th Concert Season - International Chamber Ensemble

    Evenings of great music at the Courtyard of S. Ivo from 4 July to 11 August 2009.
    Our Clients are welcome to the concerts of S. Ivo alla Sapienza.

      See the poster of the evenings
  • Posted on: 30-06-2009
    Champions League 2009 Final

    De Besi - Di Giacomo is proud for having provided the third party liability insurance policy for  the 2009 UEFA Champions League Final played in Rome.

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  • Posted on: 16-06-2009
    Wamba and Athena Onlus - Dinner at the Museum

    De Besi - Di Giacomo actively participates in Wamba and Athena Onlus projects dedicated to a hospital in Kenya and to the treatment of cleft spine.

      Download the brochure of the event
  • Posted on: 09-06-2009
    Business meeting in 2009

    Corporate meeting at Casa del Cinema at Villa Borghese to celebrate our 50 years of activity and update  the Staff on the situation and the context in which the Company operates

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  • Posted on: 30-05-2009
    Trophy of the DBG 50th Anniversary

    Invitation to the golf tournament at Parco di Roma Golf Club

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  • Posted on: 03-04-2009
    Official opening of the celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of De Besi - Di Giacomo

    On 2 April 2009 the President, Alessandro De Besi, and the Managing Director, Andrea Di Giacomo, introduced to the Staff of all Company offices the initiatives planned for the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of  De Besi - Di Giacomo SpA.

      Presentation images
  • Posted on: 25-09-2008
    Sponsorship of "Water is blue" for Rotary International

    Water: a limited resource, awareness campaign of the precious element organized by the prestigious international association Rotary

      Download the brochure of the initiative
  • Posted on: 19-09-2008
    2nd Trophy De Besi - Di Giacomo "Memorial Doriano Di Giacomo"

    Invitation to the golf tournament at the Golf Club of Rome Acquasanta.

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  • Posted on: 19-07-2008
    2008 Beijing Olympic Games

    De Besi - Di Giacomo SpA is proud for having insured the Italian team at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

      See the logo of the Olympics
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