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  • Posted on: 30-06-2013
    6th De Besi - Di Giacomo Trophy "Memorial Doriano Di Giacomo"

    Invitation to the  golf tournament at the Golf Club of Rome Acquasanta.

      See photos of the event
  • Posted on: 10-06-2013
    Alessandro De Besi new Chairman of BIPAR

    Alessandro De Besi has been elected as new president of the European Federation of Insurance Brokers. The press preview.

      Read the press release
  • Posted on: 01-06-2013
    Insurance and Sistema Italia 5

    Andrea Di Giacomo spokesman at the National Conference of Il Giornale delle Assicurazioni "Enterprise and crisis: the response of the insurance market between capital strength and risk management."

      Read the conference program
  • Posted on: 15-05-2013
    Expandere with Matching 2013

    DBDG attended "Expandere 2013-The Value of a Meeting" initiative of Compagnia Delle Opere to offer companies an opportunity to meet, exchange opportunities and develop business networks.

      See the pictures of the event
  • Posted on: 01-05-2013
    Second National Day of “Fiocchetto Lilla”

    De Besi - Di Giacomo actively participates in the second national day of Lilac Ribbon  against eating disorders, working with the non-profit association Fenice Lazio.

      See the pictures of the event
  • Posted on: 20-04-2013
    Sponsorship of the 14th circuit "GOLF FOR FOOD" for FAO

    14 golf competitions played throughout Italy, organized by DIGA, the Diplomatic and International Golf Association

      Picture of presentation
  • Posted on: 01-11-2012
    Conference "Woman professionalism: resources for innovation in corporate governance"

    DBDG attends the conference of VICINA, international association of professionals, as speaker about insurance solutions for the civil liability of the directors (D & O, Directors & Officers).

      Read the conference program
  • Posted on: 15-10-2012
    De Besi - Di Giacomo and FAO Gazette

    DBDG has an advertising page on "FAO Gazette", house organ of  FAO.

      See the page on FAO Gazette
  • Posted on: 10-10-2012
    Expandere with Matching 2012

    DBDG attended "Expandere with Matching 2012 - The value of a meeting" an initiative of Compagnia Delle Opere of Rome and Lazio to create business opportunities for companies and develop new projects.

      See the pictures of the event
  • Posted on: 01-09-2012
    2012 “Abitazione Tranquilla”

    DBDG presents a summer campaign dedicated to home insurance

      Read the brochure
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