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For 60 years we have been supporting our customers in choosing the cover that best suits their needs, guaranteeing the best solutions on the insurance market. We are able to provide punctual answers thanks to the specialization in the management of the most complex commercial and industrial risks as well as in the personal services.

The services we provide are designed to support our customers in every single operation:

Dedicated consultant

Each customer will be assisted in the insurance choices by a personal assistant, which guarantees a high level of advice through the overall knowledge of the needs of the insured and a direct contact for any insurance requirement.

Cyber security

We are constantly looking for the most comprehensive policies for managing risks related to IT security, assisting the Carriers in developing products that are best suited to the needs of each company and collaborating with innovative and leading Cyber protection companies.

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Due Diligence

We study the insurance policies in force taking into consideration the coverages offered in relation to deductibles, premiums, legislative updates and claims, with the aim of offering contracts with adequate guarantees and premiums.

Claim Service

The claim for the customer is a delicate moment in which not only is it often proved by the incident but remains involved in a bureaucratic process that makes the situation difficult to sustain. Our claims office, with highly qualified resources, supports the insured so that he can completely entrust the management of his claim: the staff will handle the practice with the Companies until the damage is settled.


The traceability of all the activities undertaken guarantees the quality of the service rendered


Risk Management

We work alongside the corporate managers of the private sector and the P.A. in identifying particularly complex elements associated with company activities and we define the perimeter of the risks to which companies are exposed and we develop the necessary actions to reduce the occurrence of unforeseen events. We study each company activity to identify and quantify vulnerable areas and indicate the strategy for managing processes with the aim of minimizing the potential consequences of non-assessed risks. Finally, we develop policy texts to guarantee customers for residual risks.


We support companies in managing the risk of insolvency of their customers, providing advice in monitoring the solvency of customers as well as in selecting insurance policies to protect this type of risk.


We study insurance solutions to be offered to specific categories of professionals or employees of public or private companies, with the aim of offering convenient and personalized insurance products.

Telematics platform

Our service never stops: the management system we use offers our customers a real-time online connection to monitor the insurance situation and to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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