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One of the most important phases of the relationship between the customer and the broker is that of the claim. This is why we have chosen to set up a specific in-house and dedicated unit to assist Customers in all the phases that this entails, in the assessment of the damage and in the relations with the Insurance Company, up to the definition of the claim.

In the various phases, we support the Client in the preparation of all the necessary activities, then in the evaluation of the correspondence between the event and the insurance guarantee, drafting of the complaint, management and processing, dialoguing directly with the Insurance Company and dealing in first person, in name and for account of the customer by virtue of the mandate received, the evaluation and payment of compensation.

It is a value-added service that expresses the company's desire to act as an attentive and punctual interlocutor, proactive and effective for a prudent and diligent protection of the interests of the Customer and in its relations with the Companies. Among the many activities offered in this area, we point out:

  • the evaluation of the event;
  • assistance in drafting the electronic claim declaration (on-line Clients), but also in person;
  • study of the policy terms and conditions in relation to the loss suffered;
  • constant monitoring of the process;
  • preparation of the documentation required;
  • appointment of a technical expert if necessary, to be agreed with the Client;
  • direct interaction with the Insurance Companies’ loss adjusters;
  • the treatment of the damage and the assessment of the indemnity, evaluating its congruity in correspondence of the actual damage, as well as the correct application of the deductibles, where contractually foreseen;
  • checking the term for the statute of limitations.

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The traceability of all the activities undertaken guarantees the quality of the service rendered


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