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The DBDG represents Italy in the world insurance world, through the partnership with five major international networks: WBN, Asinta, Sequoia, Techassure, Buck.

We are therefore able to follow the customer directly in the local territory in over 110 countries, taking advantage of the knowledge and know-how of our correspondents, guaranteeing professionalism and assistance at 360 degrees. We are in an ideal position to organize the best insurance solutions built around the specific needs of our customers. We offer the service in over 110 countries, 5 continents, with the support of over 20,000 experts.

Furthermore, as "Lloyd's Correspondent Broker" we develop operational partnerships with British insurance brokerage companies, with the aim of fostering close and lasting relationships with the most important insurance market in the world.

Finally, the United Nations agencies based in Rome are our clients and have a dedicated staff on-site (drop-down menus for FAO to review).

WBN - Worldwide Broker Network

De Besi - Di Giacomo is a member of the Worldwide Broker Network, the largest network of independent brokers in the world.
In over 100 countries we can work alongside Italian companies that have branches or activities abroad and assist them locally, using our highly qualified partners coordinated by us, with the advantage of a single interlocutor. Likewise, on behalf of our correspondents in the world, we assist foreign multinational companies present in Italy.

Download the brochure dedicated to De Besi - Di Giacomo and WBN.


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WBN ranking

Discover the advantages of Worldwide Broker Network (WBN) in 100 seconds


WBN web site: | History of WBN: History of WBN


De Besi - Di Giacomo is the exclusive partner in Italy of Asinta, an international network specialized in employee benefits present in 56 countries worldwide.


Go to ASINTA web site:


Sequoia is the service partner for people-first companies. We take care of you by unifying the benefits, HR, retirement, and insurance services you need to better scale and protect your business.


Go to SEQUOIA web site:


TechAssure is an elite group of insurance brokers who have demonstrated advanced expertise in the design of insurance and risk management programs for the company they have exhibited related to technology. TechAssure members are well known across the industry as a thought leader and are invited to help design programs for some of the most complex companies in the world.


Go to TECHASSURE web site:


We are part of Buck, an international benefit network.
Buck together with their clients, is defining a new social contract — a mutually beneficial agreement between individuals and organizations where both parties are rewarded for their contributions toward achieving optimal personal and organizational performance.


Go to BUCK web site:


Garantiamo la sicurezza di una scelta vincente


FAO WFP IFAD - Sviluppo di programmi assicurativi internazionali

La De Besi – Di Giacomo sviluppa e gestisce programmi assicurativi internazionali affiancando le proprie aziende clienti che hanno attività ed interessi da tutelare all’estero.
Ugualmente è coinvolta nel gestire le necessità assicurative in Italia di Aziende estere e delle filiali estere delle multinazionali italiane.
Dal 1979 segue, con particolare attenzione, le esigenze assicurative della comunità internazionale presente a Roma.
Opera con le maggiori Agenzie e Organizzazioni delle Nazioni Unite e un nutrito numero di Ambasciate.
Ha uffici dedicati presso la sede di importanti Agenzie delle Nazioni Unite dove, tra l’altro, offre servizi assicurativi per i loro dipendenti.


MCS Medical Coverage for Consultants-Short Term Staff-NPPs / MCNS Medical Coverage Non-Staff, Interns, Volunteers and Fellowship Holders

FAO only

What you need to do in order to manage your medical insurance claim properly

Ms. Simonetta Miccheli - FAO Room D006
Office hours: 9:00 am - 13:00 am
Tel. +39.06-57056826 / +39.06-57054749 / +39.06-57055755
Via delle Terme di Caracalla - 00153 Roma

Hospitalization: Services Provider MSH International - For emergency hospitalization 24 hours service

What to do before contacting De Besi - Di Giacomo or MSH in case of hospitalization

Provide copy of your contract (with the dates of working contract and type of coverage)
Provide Diagnosis/Pathologies (certified by doctors)
Medical prescriptions for admission to the hospital
Quotation of the hospital costs

Laboratories at specially agreed tariffs in Rome

Participants who use these facilities advance only the 20% of the total cost. Laboratories will be reimbursed directly by MSH International through De Besi - Di Giacomo.

Casa di Cura Santo Volto,
Tel. +39.06.5729921, +39.06.5743062
piazza Tempio di Diana 12 - 00153 Roma

Centro diagnostico Ostiense,
Tel. +39.06.57301240
Via F.A. Pigafetta 1 - 00154 Roma

Colombo Studio Medico Specialistico,
Tel. +39.06.59649955
Via Tiberio Imperatore 19 - 00145 Roma

Studio Medico Aventino 38,
Tel. +39.06.57289413
Viale Aventino, 38 - 00153 Roma

Dr. Franck Guillon-Xenard (general pratictioner/internist),
Tel. +39.06.54225161
Via Felice Nerini, 2 - 00153 Roma

Centro Diagnosi Prevenzione (dr. Liliana De Troia, gynecology),
Tel. +39.06.5756036
Viale Aventino, 42 - 00153 Roma

Farmacia Santa Sabina (Dr. Mostacci),
Tel. +39.06.5743623
Viale Aventino, 78 - 00153 Roma

Dr. Maurizio Rotoli (dermatology),
c/o CDC Santo Volto
Tel. +39.06.5729921
Piazza Tempio di Diana 12, 00153 Roma

Download docs:

FAO Claim Form for compensation/disability payments
WFP Claim Form for compensation/disability payments
FAO Claim Form for medical expenses
WFP Claim Form for medical expenses
MCS Booklet
MCNS Booklet

Assicurazioni Generali Worldwide All Risks Transit Insurance

WFP only

Worldwide transit insurance for personal effects and household goods for FAO and WFP employees only.

Services: Front Office De Besi - Di Giacomo
For assistance and subscribing the insurance forms.
Submission of claims and related documentation.

Ms. Simonetta Miccheli - Room D006
Office hours: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm;
Tel. +39.06.57056826
Via delle Terme di Caracalla - 00153 Roma


Allianz and ITAS Insurance Company MOTOR policies

We have a special agreement with Allianz and ITAS Insurance Company: insurance services to the staff of the Organizations.
To obtain motor insurance policies at favorable conditions for FAO, WFP, IFAD staff members and retirees members, please contact our front offices, see below.

Allianz and ITAS Insurance Company HOUSEHOLD policies

We have a special agreement with Allianz and ITAS Insurance Company: insurance services to the staff of the Organizations.
Staff members and retirees of FAO, WFP, IFAD, can obtain favorable terms for household insurance policies to cover events and damages related to their house: fire, water damages, theft, etc. and third party liability. Please contact our front offices, see below.

Mr. Marco Minicangeli - Room D003
Office hours: 08:35 am - 1:30 pm; 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm
Tel. +39.06.5705.4549
Via delle Terme di Caracalla - 00153 Roma

Mr. Emanuele Menna - Room 5R97
Office hours: Monday, Thursday, Friday 08:35 am - 12:45 am
Tel. +39.06.6513.3988
Via Cesare Giulio Viola, 68/70 - 00148 Roma

Mr. Marco Minicangeli - Room A001
Office hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Tel. +39.06.54592218
Via Paolo di Dono, 44 - 00142 Roma

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